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Hi, I’m Reelika Schulte

and hey, thanks for checking me out!

You may know me as
“The Passive Income Queen.”

I help new and aspiring women coaches, just like you, to create success without burnout, specifically by taking their big dream and turning it into a Premium Signature Program, and diversifying income through sales funnels and passive income streams.That sounds pretty fancy, but truth to be told, it’s actually easy to master for any woman who desires something better for herself.

So, what’s my story?

I have been struggling and I have been thriving. I have been doubting and I have manifested my dreams to reality as well.

I m sharing this from my heart today.

There were some incredible moments in my life:

  • I graduated with business honors degree as a single mom.
  • I received an honor award from Estonian President (that’s where I’m from).
  • I got published in Forbes.
  • I was accepted as HuffPost contributor with 11 hours only.

Because you don’t know what happened behind the scenes.

After escaping from an abusive relationship to the other side of the world, and becoming a single mom while 6 months pregnant, I wasn’t hopeful about my future. Especially what came to the fact that I will never find a husband and my son will grow up without a father.

When I met my husband online, and had long distance relationship 2 years. I came to visit him again and he proposed. Everyone was telling me it’s crazy. New culture, new language, new family structure, everything was left behind the other side of the world.

Yet, the PROUDEST MOMENT in my life was when my husband first time called my 4- year-old as his son, and my son him as a daddy. That was 1.5 years ago, and since then my hubby and son are the best daddy-and- son buddies ever.

Sometimes our dreams seem so far away, but you have to be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.
Listen to your gut, not the voices around you.

You are worth to dream big.

Today, I have my moments when I need to pinch myself, because running international coaching business that serves women globally is so much better than I could have ever dream about.


Now I’m on a mission to share it with you as well!

Professional Bio:

Reelika Schulte is a Business & Success Coach for aspiring and new coaches who want to launch and grow their coaching business online. She holds a Business & Finance degree with Honors. She has been working in internal and quality control, and business development fields, including for Fortune100 company.

Reelika teaches her clients and students business building, sales funnels, and online marketing strategies. Her mission is to empower women globally to step into their power, so they can achieve success by developing success mindset and building business skills, so they can live abundant lifestyle on their own terms.

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