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Let me guess, you started blogging for 3 main reasons:

You wanted to share your message and knowledge with the world, to make some extra income from the comfort of your own home, and to connect with other bloggers online who share your point of view or experiences.

If you have been blogging for a while, you know that creating quality content daily/weekly can be exhausting because you always have to be on top of trends and find new angles on topics to keep your content fresh.

Bloggers are most likely not making enough money to cover their monthly expenses and that is why going from blogging to coaching can be a smart career move for you financially. It can also help you spread your message to your niche audience in a more accessible and diverse way.

Here are the four reasons why you should go from blogging to coaching:

1. You can take the content you already have and build a business online: you can create a brand new lifestyle and work from home while catering to your specific niche.

You can take your expertise, life experience and skill set, and package them into a coaching package online. Perhaps you have been working in Human Resources, and blogging about leadership online. Packing your experience into a premium leadership coaching program can be a win-win for you and for your clients. Teaching clients globally how to become better leaders while working from the comfort of your own home.

Even when you are a stay-at-home mom, you can package your passion to empower women into a coaching program that helps women gain their confidence, speak up, and get over their past traumas. Possibilities are endless, because coaching industry is booming and the demand is increasing. 

2. You have a smaller learning curve. 

You already know what it takes to build a website, email list and online presence, because you have worked hard to build your following online and you have amazing content that is fresh and in demand. You are at an advantage over others who are just starting to create their blog posts and trying to fit it into an online package while attracting followers.

You just need to learn how to turn your audience into your paying clients, who happily pay for your services premium rates. If your coaching package is $2,500, then you are only looking to sign four clients per month to make $10k per month. This is about one client per week, and you are still making five figures per month.

3. You are passionate about helping, teaching, and coaching. 

At this point, you have probably been blogging for awhile, but you are tired of coming up with new content and always struggling financially. You want to be your own boss and share your information and your specific message.

You have a passion for teaching and helping others and you want to turn that passion into a full-time career with coaching. If you are passionate about health, you can start your health coaching path. Or perhaps your passion is in mindset or maybe you are a spiritual leader. Take your passion, add your unique spin on it, and create your thriving coaching business online.

4. The work you are putting into your blog shows that you are all in.

You already have a proven track record for being consistent with your blogging and you are willing to do anything to keep your audience growing, now you just need to put that same effort into building your online business. This career change will be worth it if you continue to put your heart and passion into it.

Taking your blogging knowledge and crafting your coaching skills will help you share your message online to your niche audience in a well-crafted, quality online coaching package.