Hi, I’m Reelika Schulte

Let me take you on a journey!

I wasn’t lucky, I was ready.

My name is Reelika Schulte, and the person you see today, is not who I’ve always been. Often times people see the success, but not the countless hours of learning, reading, practicing and pushing through the comfort zone. People see the success today, but not the failure, fear, discouragement, rejection and low self-esteem that came first. It’s easy to judge and think it’s easy for others, but that is simply not true. I wasn’t lucky, I was ready, and committed. Here’s who I actually am.

So, what’s my story?

I was born in Soviet Union, and I grew up in Estonia with my parents, and younger sister. Ever since I can remember as a little kid, I always dreamed big, wanted to make something of my life, and enjoyed making people feel good. Perhaps you have felt the same way? I tried to please everyone around me to be the A-student at school, and follow the traditional path – go to school, study hard and be set for success in life.

I was very shy, introverted and with glasses, which made me an easy target to be picked on. When we don’t feel like we fit in or when you hear “why can’t you play outside like other kids,” we secretly dream about being accepted. That thing for me was school. I studied my way to being one of the best at school, and I graduated with honors.

The crazy thing was…getting a degree and a job in finance was supposed to be a dream come true. I soon realized it wasn’t, because at this time, I had also become a single mom, and it was painful to be from 8 to 5 away from my son, not to mention the extra commute.

It wasn’t until I was stressed out, and that one night when I decided to search the internet for answers on “How to work from home” and “How to create an online business” that I came across blogging. I was brand new to it, but before I knew it, I invested $250 into a 6-week blogging course. My salary back then was only $800 per month, but the direction and purpose of my life changed with that course forever.

I believe in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” That became my light, and I felt like I was given permission to dream big and create a vision for my life that had no rules.

Since then it’s been an incredibly wild, yet exciting journey. Blogging allowed me to sell digital courses, and opened up a new world for me. Yet, it never hit the level that would bring in more than just side income, and I was missing human connection.

Until one day, I was introduced to coaching, and I decided to transition from blogging to coaching business. I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeeded, and it is part of my success. All these years I have been committed to learning and growing in some way. Learn, implement, teach, give back.

This philosophy has allowed me to quit my 8-5, build a multi-6-figure coaching business in less than 3 years. I’ve been published in Forbes, Shining Mentor Magazine, and Huffington Post Business section, won Top 1% Conversion Club Award, donate to charities that mean a lot to me, and most importantly, being able to be there for my son.

Taking him to school every morning, walking home together, and showing him the world while we travel.